Isolated but Synced Octopus Servers

Hi Octopus,

Because of PCI requirements we are planning to setup a new Octopus Server on PROD environment and sync all Projects, variables, values and nuget package repository etc…

How can we keep both Octopus Server in sync all the time but on different machines. Can we share one DB server for both Instances.

Please let me know with few examples.

Best Regards
– RK

Hi RK,

Thanks for getting in touch! Our HA solution allows you to have multiple instances connected to a single database, but if you can break the boundaries of PCI by sharing a database, then it is no different from connecting your Tentacles to a single instance.
Generally for strict PCI compliance the instance needs to be completely separate including the database. We have some documentation around this situation:

We have a new feature that will deal with promoting releases between instances which you can read about here:
But it will not be released until well into next year.

Please let me know if you have any questions after reading through the options.

Hi Vanessa,

As per your notes your RFC facility is not being used. What are the other options to sync Multiple Octopus Servers.


Hi RK,

As the following documentation states the options are the data migration tool or the Octopus client.