Is there a retry or continuation on an aws cli process step?

Hi Everyone


I am trying to work out if I have an AWS CLI problem or an Octopus problem. Any help is appreciated.


I have a scheduled release that runs 0300 every night. This release invokes an aws lambda using the aws cli. This lambda takes a while to run depending on the tenant. Some take 1 minute, some take 13 minutes. If the lambda takes longer than 10 minutes (but less than the maximum of 15 minutes) a strange thing occurs. The lambda runs to completion (I can see this in the cloud watch logs) but the Octopus step just sits there. After a minute or two the lambda starts again. This happens a few times. This is strange because the aws cli command is invoked with a timeout (--cli-read-timeout 900) so I would expect it to wait until that timeout was reached.

A few things to note:

  • I can run this aws cli command without any problems from my local machine. The problem only occurs on the Octopus step hence why I am asking the question :slight_smile:
  • The max timeout on a lambda is 15 minutes. I only mention this to recognise that though the lambda might not be the best candidate for long running operation but it is technically allowed so should work.
  • I was wondering if Octopus does a retry behind the scenes or some sort of continuation that is adding events to the lambda invocation queue?
  • EDIT: running the command asynchronously doesn’t have this problem either but I lose the error handling so I would rather run this synchronously
  • I am a bit new at the whole dev ops game so it is possible I have misunderstood something

Thanks in advance

Hey Alex,

Welcome to the Octopus Boards.

Thanks for all the information.

Would you be able to direct message me your deployment process JSON for that step as well as the deployment logs so we can take a look at what’s going on? To get the JSON, go to the Project, then the process section, then click the 3 dots to the right of add step and click download JSON.

Is there anything in the AWS monitoring when you run into the issue?

Please let me know.


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