Is it possible to have another Octopus Server as External Feed for Packages?


We are two companies that shares some applications (only deploy packages, not deployed applicaitons). Therefore we would like to use eachothers Octopus Deploy Servers as external package feed so we don’t have to push the package to two Octopus Servers.
Trying to set this up only gives med “405 method is not allowed”. I’ve tried using an administrator account wth the same result.
The url I’m using is http://[MY OCTOPUS SERVER]/OctopusDeploy/nuget/package
One server is running 3.2.23, the otherone 3.2.6

Is it possible to do this?
If, what am I doing wrong?

Hi Jonas,

Thanks for reaching out. The Octopus built-in feed is write-only, and it can only be read by the Octopus server itself. It cannot be used as a regular nuget feed that can be consumed by another service (in this case a 2nd Octopus server).

The only possible approaches here are:

  1. Have a folder shared across the internet, and create an External Feed that points to this folder on each Octopus instance.

  2. Use a 3rd party service like Myget, Proget, etc and add it as an external fed on each Octopus Instance.

Best regards,