IPs of the hosted agents

Hello team,

I’m new with Octopus deployments and looking to know if there is a way to for Hosted build agents to access Octopus and Sonotype, however the IPs of the Hosted build agents change on a regular basis. Additionally the only documentation that I’ve been able to find states that the Host build agents can use any IP offered by Azure.

Is it possible to programmatically scrape the IP of the hosted builds, update the NSG and report to our pipeline that the update was successful, that way we would have an IP to point to for Octopus or Sonatype to function.?

Thanks in advance!


I must confess, I’m not sure exactly what you’re trying to achieve. Would you mind to explaining a little further the end result you’re hoping for? Do you want the build agent to be registered as a deployment target in Octopus?

Hello Michael,

Thanks for your response, I’m trying to get assistance on behalf of one of our customers, so they stated:

“We aren’t deploying to the build agent. The build agent is for builds only.
The question is, can we scrap the IP of the build agent so we can update the NSG dynamically. The hosted build agent gets destroyed after the build is complete”

Thanks, in advanced!!

Regarding scraping the IP address of the Azure DevOps build agent, I think you might be better served asking the appropriate Microsoft team. And likewise for updating the Azure security group; we’re not the best placed to provide support for that.

We’d love to help anyway we can here, but we would need some more context. I would encourage you to ask the customer to consider contacting us themselves. If we can understand their scenario and how Octopus fits, I’m sure we could provide more assistance.