Invalid object name 'Octopus.Task'

Did a fresh install on Windows 2008 Server R2 / SQL 2008 R2. Installation went well. Database is cool. Connection is cool. Starting web app (running on port 12000), and I get the YSOD. Check eventvwr and see this:

An unexpected error occurred while attempting to retrieve and execute a task: Invalid object name ‘Octopus.Task’.
System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException : Invalid object name ‘Octopus.Task’.

Check the db (called Octopus). There are no Octopus tables. No Octopus sprocs. Nada. When I ran the installer, the connection string test was a-ok.

Any ideas


Sorry for such a late reply, Tender marked this conversation as spam for some reason. Are you able to run the Octopus setup tool again, and after clicking ‘Save and test’, an Upgrade button should appear. What happens if you click that?