Import taking forever


We are trying to do a POC on Octopus 3.4.

  1. We did a export from the current octopus server(3.3.17) via octopus manager.
  2. Then transported that to the new 3.4 server and started doing an import.
  3. Its 24 hrs since i started the import, the octopus migrator is still running in the background(as per task manager)

Solution/ideas please?
Is it possible to a project import/export from 3.3 to 3.4 ones? or has it got to be in the same version


Hi Mason,

Thanks for getting in touch! It is strange that an import would take so long. How are you currently running the import?
The import process from 3.x to another 3.x instance should not take anywhere near that long.

We have some steps that should get your 3.4 POC server up and running quick and easy.

  1. Create a new 3.3 instance.
  2. Run a database backup from your Octopus DB.
  3. Restore the database to your newly created 3.3 instance.
  4. Upgrade said instance to 3.4.

This method is the quickest and easiest method to getting your separate 3.4 server up and running.

If your import is still taking forever, could you attach your migration logs? (These can be found under C:\Octopus\Logs\OctopusMigrator.DATE.txt In a default installation)

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Hi Daniel,

We created a new 3.3 instance and imported the db and upgraded. It went fine this way.


Hi Mason,

Thanks for the update! I’m glad it worked.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have further questions. :slight_smile: