Ignore release already created error?


I’m using the octopus team city plugin to create + deploy releases. I have various triggers set in Team City to fire off the creation of a new release + deploy. The problem I’m facing is that sometimes the octopus deploy kicks off and errors out saying that a release with that particular version already exists.

Is there a way to ignore this error? The problem is, Team City picks it up as a fatal error, so our whole team gets notified that a build is broken, etc.

Yes, I could go through and redo all my Team City build triggers (for our several projects) and try to get it working such that the deploy only happens after a new build + nuget package upload. However, occasionally our team members will manually run a deploy on their own, and they’ll run into the same issue. I could separate the create release + deploy release into separate Team City projects but it would be vastly simpler to just have a way to treat this error as a warning and not a fatal problem.

Thanks much!!

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll try to include this in the next tools/teamcity release.