Ids filter ignored by api when get releases

try endpoint: https://octopusurl/api/releases?ids=Releases-6191, it returns all releases which can take long time to go through all the pages.

  "ItemType": "Release",
  "TotalResults": 5828,
  "ItemsPerPage": 30,
  "NumberOfPages": 195,
  "LastPageNumber": 194,
  "Items": [

However, the template says it supports ids filter
“Template”: “/api/Spaces-1/releases{?skip,take,ids}”,

ids filter works fine for other resource type like Tasks


Thank you for getting in touch, and welcome! I appreciate your clear and concise bug report, though my apologies for the confusion caused. I’ve been able to reproduce this and raised it as an issue at the following link for you to track.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns going forward.

Best regards,


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