HTTP - Test URL step template usage?

We have 5 web servers that we deploy to in our NLB. Does Octopus have a variable for the current machine / machines being deployed to? If so, we might be able to use the individual machine URL (outside of NLB) to target the deployed web app and make sure a 200 is returned.



Hi Scott,

Thanks for getting in touch. You’ve got some System Variables like Octopus.Machine.Name. I would be inclined to create some Project Variables that build your TestUrl Variable using the Variable Expression syntax and a convention.

For example:
test-url: #{machine-url-part} Scope: unscoped
machine-url: node1 Scope: Machine1
machine-url: node2 Scope: Machine2
machine-url: node3 Scope: Machine3
machine-url: node4 Scope: Machine4
machine-url: node5 Scope: Machine5

If your naming convention could use the actual Machine Name itself, your variables would be greatly simplified to:

test-url: #{Octopus.Machine.Name} Scope: unscoped

Hope that helps!