How to withdraw a license from a server already configured

HI Octopus Team,

We know that max of 3 instances we can use the octopus server license, we are planning to move our one of the octopus instance into new box and wondering how we can withdraw/move the license from old box to new box.

Please let me know. Thanks

Hi @snamilla,

Thanks for getting in touch!

Moving the license is as simple as stopping the Octopus Service and uninstalling Octopus on that instance. We do allow for brief bursts above your license cap while you are moving the instance so that you can have your new instance configured and running before shutting down the old instance.

If you have any questions about the move itself please let me know,


Thanks Alex for response.

When you say brief bursts, can you let me know how long that you allow so we can adjust our octopus server moves accordingly… Thanks