How to visually mark releases which passed testing?

After each successful build TeamCity invokes octo.exe to create packages and Release. We need to have Release as soon as possible so that Developers can deploy it in sandbox environment and test their latest changes. Then the build goes through all kinds of testing and verification and after many hours SOME builds are considered Green and suitable for production deployment.
My question is - how to present in Octopus UI which Releases passed verification and which did not? Some kind of highly visible tags or colors or filtering or anything visual would help release managers to pick the right build for Prod deployment, based on its Release Notes AND Verified status. How do I make that Verified status visible?

This brings in more generic question - how do I add some metadata (like quality) to the Release? Releases immutability gets in the way. But worst case we can create separate release (from the same packages) we just need to make it visually different.


Hi Konstantine,

Thanks for getting in touch. With regards to your questions, the features you have mentioned are not yet available in Octopus. There are a few uservoice suggestions from the Octopus community that are similar to your suggestions, to have highly visible tags, colors or anything visual can definitely be useful to release managers in circumstances similar to yours.

These suggestions could use your support and I have linked these below for you. If you feel they may not directly match your needs, you do have the option to create your own if you prefer.

While these features are not yet available in Octopus, with your voting and community support it may very well be added in the near future.

Best Regards,