How to upload a release (package with substitued variables) to S3


I have an Octopus Project with multiple steps. The first step deploys a cloudformation template which builds the infrastructure : vpc, subnets, Deployment groups, Autoscaling group, ELB, S3 Bucket, etc…

The other steps should substitute the variables of a an octopus package and retrieve the S3 bucket name from the first step to upload it to S3.

How i can achieve this with octopus?


Hi Dawaji,

Thanks for getting in touch! Firstly I’d like to mention that in version 2018.4.0 we introduced the built-in step Upload a package to an AWS S3 bucket. You can refer to our documentation on this step at the following link.

You could then set output variables in the S3 step which can then be retrieved in subsequent steps. You can refer to our output variables documentation page for more info on setting and calling these variables.

Would using these features help you achieve your requirements? Let me know what you think and if you have any further questions going forward. :slight_smile:

Best regards,


Hi Kenneth,

In the past, i was using a step named “deploy a packgage” to substitute my variables in order to deploy to my machines. Now, i can’t use it, because i want to deploy the release to a bucket.
If i use the step named “upload a package to S3”, how i can substitute the variables before the upload?

Imagine i choose the step “deploy a package” and i change the features to only subtitute the variables, how can i retrieve the release from the next step which it will be upload a package?

Best regards,

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