How to support partner installations?


We have partners that install our software “for us” so to speak. Could those partners somehow take advantage of Octopus also (so we do not need an installer next to Octopus? Offline packages is probably close, but they require that the customer is setup in Octopus of course.

How is this best solved? Have a new “Partner Octopus” installation? Any ideas welcome…


Hi Werner,

There’s a couple of ways you can go about this.

  1. Use offline drops and Tenants

    • You could then give your partners access to your Octopus instance and let them maintain their customers as Tenants and let them create deployments to those Tenants.
  2. Have each partner maintain their own Octopus instance to deploy your software to customers

    • This would mean though that you’d have to have a process for keeping your Octopus project(s) in sync with theirs and also any packages used.

If I have misunderstood your scenario, please do not hesitate to get back to me!

Thank you and warm regards,

Hi Henrik,

No that is exactly what I was talking about. And I was thinking about the same solutions…and you just confirmed those thoughts. Thanks.