We are using octopus deploy as Continuous delivery. We have already setup all web related configuration on octopus “Deploy Package Step” where we are deploying nuget package to octopus server and then it is deploying the application to multiple server nodes.

Now we are planning to implement database automation using DBUP on octopus server.We are creating a nuget package and using “Deploy.ps1” which contains the power shell command to execute the console exe application on server.

We are using "Deploy Package step " for the same we don’t want to install tentacles on DB server we want to use the same connection string which is already configured for our web application. We have just created DB user with DDL access(Create,Alter…).

As for our web environment we have multiple VM in environment so we don’t want to execute the script on multiple environment.

with “Deploy Package” step on octopus we are not getting any option where we can configure to execute the package on octopus server.

Please share your thoughts on the same.


I had a look and I see what you’re saying here. As a possible work around, perhaps you could use a Jumpbox or Proxy. You then add that server to Octopus and deploy the package to that. Im assuming access is in place.

As long as the server is in the same place as your Octopus server then I dont see much difference between deploying to your Octopus server or deploying to your jumpbox.

I hope this helps.


Or… if possible then install a tentacle on the Octopus server itself.

Hi Amit,

Thank you for your question. I responded to your StackOverflow post, but I’ll copy the response here as well.

I’d recommend using the “Run a script” step rather than “Deploy a package” for your SQL deployment. This step allows you to run the script on the Octopus server, and the script can still be inside a package.

I hope that helps!


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