How to run a custom conversion program as a process step


My project includes a conversion program to change the structure of the database. The conversion program must execute before the new version of the code can run.

So I would like to execute a custom program, from the set of packages being deployed, as a step in the deployment process. How do I do that?

I definitely want it to benefit from the config file substitutions. That is how it knows what database to target.


Thanks for getting in touch! If the program is packaged together with your application then you can add a PreDeploy script to that package and then launch your program from there. The program will run before the new version of the application is deployed.

If the program lives in its own package then you can use Deploy a Package step and Deploy script . In this case you would add this new step before the step that deploys your application.

Please let me know how you go.



Hi Pawel,

That worked perfectly. I chose the Deploy a Package with a Deploy script option.

I chose to put it after the application deployment step. Whilst there are arguments both ways, I felt it safer that way.

If the application deployment fails I can reverse it by redeploying the previous version of the code. If the DB upgrade goes first then it’s far harder to reverse.

Thank you very much for your advice.

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