How to manually set a machine as online

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When a machine comes online I currently have a script that runs in the Task Scheduler that prods the server to do a adhoc health check. I’d like to make this less heavy duty and just set the status to online, but I can’t seem to do it in the API/OctoClient. Every time I set the Status or HealthStatus it reverts on saving back to Octopus.

My ultimate aim is to have tasks on Startup and Shutdown to take the tentacle on/offline in Octopus, which will let me do the health checks less often.

Any ideas?


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Hi Matt,

It looks like I sent a half reply by mistake! Below is the edited full reply.

Thanks for getting in touch! I have some thoughts which could help here.

I may need to get a look at your current API script to get an idea of what could be going on here. A common issue we see with using the API to update such settings in Octopus is not putting the entire modified object back into Octopus.

For example, if I was changing Machines-141 to Disabled. I would get the entire object for /machines/machines-141 from the api, edit the Status to Disabled, then send the entire /mahcines/machines-141 object back.

I’m wondering if you could also look into creating a custom health check script and apply the Machine Policy to the targets you need it on. Our documentation has more details on this.

Let me know how you go here. I would be happy to look at your API script for disabling/enabling the target if my above advice does not help.

Best regards,

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Hi Daniel,

Thanks for getting back to me. I’m doing roughly what you said, except I am not setting disabled, but the Status side of things:

$machine = $repository.Machines.Get(“Machines-1”)
$machine.HealthStatus = [Octopus.Client.Model.MachineModelHealthStatus]::Unhealthy
$machine.Status = [Octopus.Client.Model.MachineModelStatus]::Offline

And when the repo sends the machine object back, it’s still set to Online and Healthy.


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