How to generate a report on the applications that have been deployed to a specific role

Long story short - we’ve lost track of which applications have been deployed to a particular role (eg.
Application1 through Application10 have been deployed to either RoleA through RoleZ).

The main issue is how we have named our applications, there’s no indication as to which role they get deployed to aside from looking at the ‘Process’ of the application, and seeing it there.

Unfortunately, with the amount of applications that we have listed, it’s a waste of time to click through all the applications, just to find out which role/s they deploy to currently.
What I would like to do is run a report across “RoleX”, to find out which applications are not only currently deploying here, but have been deployed here previously.

Is this possible?



Hi David,

Thanks for getting in touch! At this stage we don’t have any reporting features out of the box that directly provides the information that you are after. Having said that there are a couple of avenues that you can explore that may lead you to your desired result.

The first option is extracting information via the API. We have some pre-built examples that should assit in getting you started, the most relevent example that I can find gets all roles from all steps from a project before removing a role.

The second option that you have available is via our standard reporting interface. This can provide you with either an XML feed or a Database table that you can query.

Please let us know if you have any other questions or queries,