How to configure DisplayName for Azure VM Tentacle Agent extension through ARM template?


I’m trying to use ARM template to deploy a vm with the Octopus Deploy Tentacle agent extension. However, I found it was always using the machine name as the poll mode tentacle display name. Is there anyway to configure the Display Name through ARM template? I have tried DisplayName in the public settings section, but it gave me “Found unexpected property 'DisplayName' in public settings.” error. I could see the option is only available when using OctopusDSC. However, I’m not quite sure how to use it with Azure VM either.


Thanks for getting in touch! I’m sorry to hear that you are seeing issues configuring the DisplayName of a Tentacle while installing the Tentacle Azure VM Extension. Unfortunately at this time the Tentacle Azure VM Extension doesn’t support configuring the display name this way. You could consider adding a uservoice suggestion. If your suggestion gets enough community support/votes, we will consider adding it as a feature in a future version of Octopus.

A potential workaround could be to configure your tentacle using OctopusDSC TentacleAgent which you have already linked to. Please feel free to check out how it all works in our Automating Octopus Tentacle Agent configuration documentation.

It’s possible to automate the entire process of installing your Tentacle Agent using DSC. A working example of running PowerShell DSC using an ARM Template can be seen on our ARM Template with DSC documentation page.

I am interested to know if you decide to use DSC to register your Tentacles and I would love to hear if you have any further questions.

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