How to change where in the order of steps 'Acquire packages' shows up

i have 1 deployment where ‘Acquire packages’ is the very first thing that happens and one where ‘Acquire packages’ only happens right before the deploy to azure step happens. How do i change the position where ‘Acquire packages’ shows up? I need to run a script to tweak the cscfg before it gets to the deploy step.


Thanks for reaching out. If you have a step before your Deployment step, it might run before the “Acquire packages” activity or not, depending if it has the “Wait for packages to be downloaded before running” box checked or not (see attached screenshot)

If you need to tweak the cscfg file that comes with your package, the best thing would be to add the tweaking script as a Pre-Deployment script. This way you’ll be

  1. Getting the package.
  2. Modifying the file.
  3. Deploying the code with the modified file.

Let me know if that works for you



That’s what I was missing, thanks