How to "branch" lifecycles

Hi there,

We have this scenario: after internal testing is completed (on multiple environments), the next phase in our lifecycle involves manually deploying to 2 environments - QA and Demo.
Circumstances may dictate that either QA or Demo can’t be deployed to immediately, so there’s no guaranteed order and timing for these deployments to occur.
The following phase is Production, which of course can only go ahead after QA is completed.
So here’s our problem:
a) If we specify that “All environments must be deployed to before progressing to the next phase”, we can’t move to Production until Demo is also upgraded.
b) If we opt for “Required to progess = 1”, and Demo is deployed to before QA, we may have Production upgraded before QA.

In short, is there a way to specify which environment(s) must precede the next phase, rather than just “a number of”?

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Hi Paolo,

Thanks for getting in touch. There’s currently no way to specify which specific environment must be deployed within a phase. Would you mind adding this suggestion in Uservoice? . If enough users vote for it, we might consider it for future releases.



Gracias Dalmiro – I certainly will :slight_smile:

Paolo Ascari
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