How frequently octopus release new versions so as for us to upgrade our set up


Kindly let us know how frequently octopus releases new version releases / bug fixes etc so that we need to get our octopus deploy upgraded

Hi @kakarlayogitha,

Thanks for getting in touch!

Our current release schedule is:

From Octopus 2020.6, we ship a new release of Octopus Deploy Server once a quarter. Each release receives six months support, including critical patches. The releases are rolled out to Octopus Cloud instances before being made available to download for self-hosted instances of the Octopus Server.

We highly recommend using the latest release for your self-hosted installation of Octopus. Please see the Download Octopus Server 2021.2 | Try free for up to 10 targets - Octopus Deploy page to download the latest version of Octopus Deploy.

For more details about the changes to the way we release Octopus, check out the blog post Octopus releases and Long Term Support (LTS).


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