How do I remove a node from an HA cluster?

I recently built some new Octopus servers and added them successfully to the HA cluster. Now I’d like to remove the retired nodes from the HA cluster. Is there an official process that I can follow so that I don’t mess this up?


Hi @tfbryan

Have the retired nodes been switched off/powered down, or had their Octopus Server instance removed from the hosting server (e.g. by using running delete-instance)?

If they haven’t then a good first step is to turn off the retired nodes following this general plan:

  1. Drain the node with either the node drain command or in the user interface under Configuration → Nodes (choosing drain from the overflow menu), so that no new tasks are processed

  2. You can also optionally set the task cap to 0 either using --taskCap="0" with the node command as in 1 or via the Web portal, but as long as the node is in a draining state then you should be good to go.

  3. Wait for any tasks to finish on those node(s)

  4. Stop the service on the server if it’s running on Windows. If it’s on Linux via docker or Kubernetes, then stopping the container/pod will achieve this.

  5. Go to the Configuration → Nodes and hit Delete on the node you want to remove from Octopus:

Finally, you can decommission the server where the node was being hosted (assuming no other instances are running from it!). Either by using the Octopus Manager to delete the respective instance, or uninstalling Octopus from the Server.

Of course, the nuclear option would be to just delete the Virtual Machine / docker container too, it depends if you intend to re-use the hosting server again for something else.

Hopefully, that helps, but please let me know if you have any questions

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Thank you so much. After posting this, I realized that there was an option to Delete from Configuration > Nodes in the UI. Disabling/Removing the service prior to deleting makes sense. It might be good to add this to your HA documentation page as I never found anything official on how to remove nodes, only how to add nodes. Thanks again!

Hey @tfbryan

Thanks for the feedback, I agree it’d be good to get something in the docs. I’ll follow up with the team here about that :slight_smile:

Happy Deployments!

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