How do I reference "Token Account" in project variables


So the documentation is quite clear on how to reference Azure/AWS/GCP accounts in project variables. However, I don’t know how do i reference “Account Token” variable in my scripts.

Assuming that the “Account Token” name is “my token”:

  • Do I reference it just by #{my token}? if not, how to get the value of the token?
  • Is this guaranteed to be treated as sensitive infromation so that it is not printed in the output?


Hi @lukasz.podolak,

Thanks for getting in touch!

Whilst some accounts (Azure/AWS/GCP) can be bound directly to variables within a project by changing the variable type, this doesn’t apply to all account types. Tokens, SSH key pairs and username/password accounts don’t have a variable type available for them and as such can’t be linked to a deployment.

The only option here would be to insert the token value directly into a new variable. If it needs to be used across multiple projects then a library variable set would be a good choice.


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Thank you Paul for being proactive to solve my problem.
Good point with library sets, I learned something new and it works like a charm!

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