How compare configurations?

Is it possible to compare deployment configuration on Octopus (a.k.a. standard) with current configuration on production servers?
I need this comparison to understand if there were manual changes on production server and its configuration not equal to “standard” one on Octopus.

Hi @ilya.basow,

Welcome to the Octopus Community, it is great to meet you.

Thank you for reaching out to us for some advice regarding comparing deployment configurations.

I am interested in finding out a little bit more about what you would like to achieve.

I have a few questions that come to mind.

When you are talking about comparing deployment configurations within Octopus, are you referring to changes from a previous deployment release to your Production servers? For example, upgrading your previous deployment from v1 to v2 within Production.

Or could you be referring to moving a release from a Staging environment to Production?

Do you want to know if you can compare changes to deployment-specific items from within Octopus? For example, variables or deployment steps that may have changed between releases for your project?

My final question, are you refereeing to comparing server-specific changes from a previous release into Production? For example, any changes made to the server configuration (or deployment target) from users between releases in Production.

If you are happy to share this, it would also be great to understand your deployment process in further detail to help me build a picture of your deployment strategy. Please do omit any sensitive information from this that are personal to your organization before sharing.

I wanted to make sure I understand this so I can help to point you to an appropriate answer.

I look forward to your response.


Hi doug.pipe,
thanks for your answer.

My need is to understand if somebody changed settings on production server after deployment was done.
So we prepare Package_1 on Octopus to propogate on production Server_1, Server_2, … Server_12, then deployment of the Package_1 was done to all 12 servers.

Now I need compare Package_1 settings(reference) with setting on Server_1-Server12.
In fact my question is: does Octopus have “compare mode” when it just compare reference settings with current one on production servers and print differences?

Hi @ilya.basow,

Thank you for getting back to me, if I have understood this correctly you are looking to see if there is a way to see what changes have been made on your production servers and not your project configuration within Octopus.

If this is the case, then unfortunately there isn’t currently a way that Octopus Deploy can compare server-specific changes unless you have used Octopus Deploy to configure setting up your infrastructure may be either PowerShell or Terraform (or similar) originally.

At the point of deployment, Octopus doesn’t collect a source of truth for your server-specific settings unless you specifically tell Octopus to collect this data using any custom scripts to collect this.

With this in mind, we do have a blog post that could help you going forwards Verify AppSettings or Variable Replacement - Octopus Deploy. This focuses on Pre-deployment steps to make sure the server’s expected configuration to support/host your application is met.

Let me know if this helps or if you have any further questions.