How about this use-case?

I have a requirement that various Amazon EC2 instances need to be spun up, then have any number of up to about 20 applications installed (windows services) and run.

The services self configure, so very little customisation is required before installation and starting. Also the services shut themselves down if not required (so removal of the services is not required).

Does Octopus Deploy support this use-case? Particularly, does it support instanciation of the EC2 instances? Then pushing any number of different applications to those servers.



I feel I should clarify, we are after the ability to ad-hoc deploy any of our services to any of the running instances.

A wish list would be to have flavors/recopies that we could deploy to servers (say, services a,b,c & f = Main processor instance, services d & e = satellite processor instance).

Hi Ash,

This is probably a bit outside of the scope of Octopus. At the basic level, the Tentacle agent can be installed and configured as part of provisioning an EC2 instance:

However, you wouldn’t use Octopus itself to create the instance. I think you’d need to build something at a higher level that:

  1. Provisions the EC2 instances (passing the setup script above as userdata)
  2. Tells Octopus (via our REST API) to deploy the appropriate projects to those instances

It would be nice if we could build this into Octopus, and perhaps someday we will, but for now building your own provisioning tool that uses EC2+Octopus to do the actual deployments should come pretty close. Hope that helps!