Host Octopus Deploy Server on Azure App Service

Hi, we’re hitting performance issues with our current self-hosted Octopus server and we’re considering other hosting options.

Docs recommend hosting Octopus server on Kubernetes which is a good idea as it provides many scalability options. On the another hand, that would be the only app hosted on this particular cluster, so spinning up whole cluster for just one app seems like an overkill to me.

Azure Container Services seem to be a great alternative on paper, but we had bad experience with this product in the past.

So the idea came up to host Octopus in Container on Azure App Service It’d simplify us whole maintenance process quite a bit.

Deployment workers would be hosted on seperate k8s cluster.

What would you recommend?
Are there any blockers to host Octopus on Azure App Service you know about?

Hi Pawel,

Thank you for contacting Octopus Support.

Unfortunately, our guidance will be limited on this as hosting an Octopus Server in an Azure App Service is not something we have tested.

As an alternative, we do offer Octopus as software-as-a-service with Octopus Cloud. For more information, I recommend reaching out to

Let us know if we can assist with anything else!

Best Regards,

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