Help thingy in lower right corner is slowly driving me crazy

The “show my progress” help thing in lower-right corner is driving me mad. You HAVE to make it easy to disable stuff like that - especially since it’s “pulsing”, stealing attention. I have no idea to get rid of it. I MUST get rid of it…

i’m talking about this thing:
Screenshot from 2021-04-20 20-22-47

Hi @trond !

Thanks for reaching out, and sorry to hear about your frustrations with the quick start helper. You should be able to dismiss that message by clicking on the - icon in the bottom-right of that window to hide it from view.

I’ll take your feedback back to our UX team and see if we can make this a little bit clearer moving forward.

I hope this helps, and please let us know if you have any further questions!

Hi, thanks for answering. Clicking the minus sign only minimizes it to a smaller, still pulsating thing:

Screenshot from 2021-04-20 21-18-29
Screenshot from 2021-04-20 21-19-26

It’s just terribly annoying.this is on 2020.6 btw. I’ve tried with different user accounts to, hoping that only the “admin” account was subject to this mental torture.

happy to report that the thing went away after I completed a successful deploy.

Still, the fact that there’s no way for a human to remove this prior to completing a deploy is pretty horrendous UX imho…

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