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I’m busy doing comparisons between different deployment products and Octopus is a clear winner for me but it has a simple feature missing that I found very useful in Argo CD. When you deploy a helm chart with Argo it automatically loads your helm values file and allows you to populate the values without guessing any arguments. Is this something that might be on the cards for the helm steps?

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To automatically load Helm values files, a target file(s) can be specified in a Project’s Deployment Process. Values are able to be defined manually as Explicit Key Values or alongside the Deployment Process as Raw Yaml, or it can be loaded automatically from the same package as the Helm chart, or from another package entirely.

Each option gets loaded in a pre-defined precedence which is outlined in our documentation about Helm Template Values. Since it’s possible to use wildcard syntax or Octopus variable substitution, different values can be applied in different scenarios. e.g. Environments:

Feel free to let me know if that isn’t quite what are looking for or if there are any improvements we could make to this area, I’d be more than happy to help with any questions at all!

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Not exactly what I was referring to. In this example, you’ll see that the values file gets loaded on screen and then it allows you to replace the ones that you are interested in. This creates a great user experience because you automatically know what values there are for you to replace, it takes a lot of the guesswork out of the equation (especially when you are trying to deploy 3rd party helm packages).

In Argo you specify the helm chart and then it pops up this section for you to show you all the replaceable values (as parameters). It’s just a suggestion but it feels like it would be a great addition to the helm upgrade step.

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Hey @shaun.a.havelaar,

Cheers for clarifying, I see what you are meaning and agree that would be a great addition!

I’ll check in with the devs about whether something like this is already on our roadmap or if it’s likely to be added and will keep you posted if I have any updates from the discussion with them.

We do have a feature which could potentially be useful here… Custom Step Templates allow for configuring a reusable deployment process which can have parameters specified. This combined with Explicit Key Values should allow you to create Steps which get populated automatically with values.

Custom Step Templates are intended to allow for simplifying the project creation for users and can be used with the Run a Script Step to perform nearly anything your process needs.

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions about it at all, I’d be happy to clarify anything further!

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