GIt Pull throws HTTP code 302 from proxy after CONNECT


I need to use git pull and push within a runbook. So I’m using the GIT Pull and Push Step templates but it always gives me

unable to access ‘https://myLocalAzureDevops’: Received HTTP code 302 from proxy after CONNECT

I think I need to change something in the .gitconfig for the repo, but I don’t know what. I tried with setting proxy to empty and sslVerify=false.

Did someone else have this error and found a solution?

Good morning @daniel.r,

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The error you posted up looks to be a redirect error, I have not seen the error before but I did find a few articles on this which I will post down below, let me know if one of those suggestions in the article work for you;

If it is the fact you have a double \ instead of the // in the URL that would be a nice easy fix, reach out if those suggestions dont work and we will continue to investigate.

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