Ghost Tentacle

Hi there,

One of our tentacles has somehow got lost in our Octopus Deploy database even after deleting it from the dashboard. This means every health check it hangs (see attached). I’m not sure how to remove it. Re-adding it and removing it again doesn’t appear to work as this seems to add a duplicate record.

Can I edit the RavenDB manually?

I don’t want to reinstall the whole of Octopus - we have a lot of nodes set up.

Great product.



Hi Roger,

This shouldn’t be an issue in the most recent Octopus releases, so upgrading your Octopus server might be the best way to go.

You can delete the machine from the Raven database; you’ll find connection instructions on the Configuration->Storage tab in Octopus.



Thanks for replying - I can’t find the tentacle host in the "Machines"
collection. Where would I find it?

It is no longer visible on the dashboard but health checks still reference
it somehow.


Hi Roger,

Can you send me a screenshot of your Machines collection, and the corresponding log from the check health task?


Hi Paul,

Just to let you know I have upgraded to and this has, as
documented, resolved the issue.

Thanks for getting back to me individually. Great work on this product, and
the active support is appreciated.

Best regards,