Get Release url for manual approval email

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I have a process step where i send email to testing team to approve the release. The next step is a manual intervention step where they can approve the release after putting comments. I want to put the current ongoing release url in the email body as variable so that they can directly click there instead of going to dashbaord and go to the release page manually. Please help


Thanks for reaching out! Putting the below combination of variables in your email body should give you what you need:


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Thanks Granas. This should help.

Project name replaces spaces with hyphens in the url but the variable which you have specified does not do that project to check release url in mail and artifacts/releases/0.0.1/deployments/Deployments-475

Sorry about that! Try with #{Octopus.Web.BaseUrl}/#{Octopus.Web.DeploymentLink}. That one should resolve to the correct URL.