Fontawesome spinners don't spin in 2022.3

Spinners during a deploy or when running a healthcheck on a tentacle don’t move.

I’m upgrading a self-hosted server from 2022.2.7180 to 2022.3. I’ve tried build 10514 and 10530 on a desktop and 10514 on a server and they all have this issue.

Fontawesome was upgraded from 4 to 6 between these versions.


Hi @rjunruh,

Thanks for reaching out, and sorry to hear that you’re having issues with the spinner element in the UI.

I did some local testing, and was able to see this behavior on 2022.3.10530 on multiple browsers. I did test it on an early release of 2022.4 and it was working there, so it might be some small CSS tweak that needs to be backported into 2022.3.

I’ll get this raised with our front-end team and see if we can get it fixed up in an upcoming release.