Find out whether a deployment target role is in use

Two of my deployment targets (listening tenctacles) have lots of roles associated with them and things are starting to get messy. I’d like to do some cleaning and reorganization but I could find an easy way to check if any given role is needed or where they are used.

Is there a proper way to find out if a role is used and where it is used?

If not, what should I look for? I can think of deployment processes, runbook processes, variables.

Thanks for any input on this,

I double checked the docs and the options in the UI and maybe there is no simple answer to this case.

I ended up doing a search in every table in the database and was able get a general idea on where those roles were used, and what I found matched what I could see in the UI. After some adjustments I dropped the roles I no longer needed and everything continued to work properly.

In the end it was deployment processes and variables that I should check but being able to search LIKE '%TheRoleBeingDropped%' helps to make sure every usage was accounted for.

I’m not sure this is a common requirement but might help someone in the future.


Hi Marcos,
We really dropped the ball. Sorry about that. I’m glad to hear that you found a solution for locating Role usage and thank you for posting your solution for others to benefit from in the future.

Don’t hesitate to reachout if you have any further questions or conserns.

Happy Deployments!

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