Filter visible releases

I had a question about octopus. I was wondering if it was possible to filter releases?
I’ll give you some context on my situation. At my company we have a QA group that handles our qa machines and a support team that handles our production servers.
I need to deploy to QA and have QA create a release for production. Right now, all releases are visible to the support group. So QA could be working on newer features and the support group might select the wrong package for deployment.
I want them to only see releases that were approved by QA.

Is that possible to do? Do i need to create a separate nuget feed that only contains approved packages?


I am currently running version: Octopus Deploy
using Team City 8.1.2

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out. The following strategy might work for your request:

  • 1 Lifecycle with 3 phases and one environment on each: QA, PreProd, Prod
  • QA team can create and deploy releases to QA and PreProd only
  • Support group would only be able to create a release and deploy it to Prod.

When QA team feels that a release is ready to go to Prod, they’ll promote the release from QA to PreProd. The deployment on the PreProd environment would only include an Email step notifying the Support team that a release was promoted to PreProd and its ready for them to take it all the way to Prod.

This approach will allow you to have the QA team deploy as many times as the want to QA, without having the support team being able to see what they do on that environment. Support team will only be able to see whatever was promoted to PreProd and whatever was deployed to Prod by them.

Hope this all makes sense to you. Let me know if it doesnt and i’ll be more than glad to describe it in more detail.



Thank you for your help. I think this works. Ill have a play at the permissions until it looks like what i need