Filenames are being cut off during the deployment process

Hello Octopus community,

I’m having some strange issues, and I was hoping that maybe one of you have encountered the same. As I deploy my nuget package (as a .tar.gz file) to the server, the files are just as they should be. But at some point in the transformation process, the file names are cut off, and I can’t seem to figure out why. Obvious guess is that the path is too long, but why is there not generated an exception then?

Actual file path:

Expected file path:

I know the issue could be solved by restricting the length of filenames in our project, but I was hoping there could be another way around the issue.

The server is a Windows Server 2012. Using Octopus 3.3.22.

Claus Hansen

Hi Claus,
Unfortunately it sounds as though you are hitting upon limitation of the standard GNU tar format which limits files to 99 characters. What are you using to compress the file? If you try and decompress the package manually using tar -xvzf <TarFile> is it extracting correctly? An alternative could be to just package the files up in the zip format since it should not have this limitation and has the added benefit of being better compression allowing for faster transfers due to the diffs with previous versions being more similar on a block level than the tar.gz format.
Let me know what you find with the package.

Hello Rob,

I was using zip format at first, but I was getting the same error explained here:

In the bottom of the thread a guy solved it by using .tar.gz files instead, so that’s why I went away from zip in the first place.

Did you ever find a solution, other than making a custom build of calamari that uses ionic instead of sharpcompress?

I’m using team city, and using the octopus plugin to push the packages to our octopus server.

Package paths look like this:
D:/publish/mycustomer/website/**/* =>

Claus Hansen


We solved the issue by installing 7zip on our build agents and zipping with that instead. The error somehow occured when using the Octopus Teamcity Plugin to do the zipping for us.

Claus Hansen