Fickle API keys

We’ve seen over the last week about 3 API keys just stop working. They were API key issues to three individuals that did not revoke the keys. Creating a new API key fixed the issue every time. Is this a known issue and can anything be done to keep this from happening?

Hi Jonathan,

Could you please let us know what version of Octopus you are running? If you’re running 3.x, did you guys migrate from 2.6?

I look forward to hearing back from you.

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We think it is

Hi Jonathan,

We don’t have any expiry on API keys, so I’m not sure what has happened here to make these API keys stop working. We did have a report of something similar happen after migration from 2.6.5 to 3.0.x but we haven’t heard anything about it happening in 2.6.

Has any further API keys gone awol since you reported this issue?

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Hi Jonathan,

I am facing a similar problem with API keys on Octopus 3.2.8. Creating new API key fixed the issue every time. I don’t see any resolution for this. I read somewhere that there is no expiration time for API keys. Does the API key expires automatically if it’s not used for certain time.


Hi Senthil,

I’ve raised #2586 to have this issue investigated.

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