Feature suggestion: allow Steps to be promoted/demoted as children Steps


It would be convenient to be able to “promote” or “demote” Steps from being children. For example, I may have Step1 and Step2, but I want to run Step2 immediately after Step1 finishes on each tentacle; this is what Child Steps permit (based on my current understanding). Now, Step2 has always been able to run in parallel, but a new change requires it to occur after Step1.

In the current implementation, I have to go and recreate the entire Step2 as a Child Step. With a promote/demote feature, this would be a simple click.

PS. Step Templates greatly help cut down the amount of work done in creating a new Step, but they can’t always cover all of the scenarios.


Hi Jesse,

Thanks for reaching out. We already have a Uservoice suggestion for this. Would you mind dropping by and adding a few votes to it if you’d like to see it implemented in a future release?



Dalmiro - Excellent! Thanks for pointing that out.