Feature Request: Octopus Proxy / Package Mirror Support


Another feature request.

We distribute some sizable packages (pre-computed/static data) as part of our releases.

Because we operate across multiple DCs and networks, it can often be a bit of a pain waiting for large packages to be pushed dozens of times to servers that are neighbours over the same VPN/WAN link.

We’d like for some way to optimise this within the Octopus infrastructure.

There’s two options that I can think of to solve it.

#1 - Some kind of Octopus Proxy, similar to what Zabbix has. That is, you can associate agents (tentacles) with a proxy. The proxy is responsible for caching communications/data between the agents and the server.

#2 - Package Mirror or Package Cache support. If we could set up an SMB share, and then associate that with tentacles for them to use as a package cache, or for Octopus server to push all packages to first, then that would be fine too.
If you don’t want to use SMB shares (since that could be problematic with agents running under SYSTEM or on different domains), then this could be implemented as a feature in the Tentacle itself.

Octopus Version v2018.4.12