Failed to start Octopus Tentacle Server

Thanks and regards,

Hi @jilan804,

I have seen this issue once before and based on where the error is returned, you could be facing the same thing.

The solution, to paraphrase the previous ticket, is to open up the Tentacle service file (/etc/systemd/system/Tentacle.service) and look for, and remove quotes around the Tentacle name.

ExecStart=“/opt/octopus/tentacle/Tentacle” run --instance=“Tentacle” --noninteractive

would become

ExecStart=“/opt/octopus/tentacle/Tentacle” run --instance=Tentacle --noninteractive

Can we rule this out first and if you are still having troubles, it would be helpful to get a copy of your Tentacle.service file. You can upload the file securely, over here.

Please, let me know how you get on.


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