Export the task logs to Azure Blob

Hi Team,

We are deploying our DB through Octopus, it is generating huge logs and it is difficult to see the logs within octopus task raw, I am not able to find this log file on tentacle octopus home–logs directory and also we want to push this log file to Azure blob after every deployment so that people can download whenever they required.
Please let me know where we can find this file.


Hi @satishy

Thanks for your patience, sorry it has taken so long to get a response to you.

You can find these logs on your Octopus Server, specifically at c:\Octopus\Tasklogs. In this state they are designed to be machine readable so have a lot of not very useful information that we strip out when presenting the logs in Octopus, so depending on your use case it might be worth spending the time to create a script that uses the Octopus API to extract the logs in a human readable format.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can assist with.


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