Explicitly use specific server during deployment

We are using 3 servers for each (dev, staging and prod) environment, for our 3 projects. 1 server: 1 project.

Our challenge is that everytime we have a deployment, we need to activate/deactivate our servers from the Environment option in Octopus so we can use the server for the project we’re deploying.

My question is, do we have an option in Process/Steps to explicitly put condition like… My package should use this {Server 1} if my Project is {Project 1}.

Hi Ricky,

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What I’d suggest is to scope your package steps to a role that the machine you want it to run on has. If each of your 3 machines has a unique role, you can scope each of the package steps to an individual role and it’ll run only on that machine that has that role. This way you can avoid having to activate/deactivate servers. Check out our docs for some additional information, which also shows how you can create new roles.

Does this look like it would work for your scenario? Let me know if I’ve misunderstood in any way, and if you have any further questions. :slight_smile:

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