Execution Order of Nuget Package deployment features is unclear

When creating a “deploy Nuget Package” step, there are various additional features that can be configured. (Config Transforms, variable subs etc…) It’s all great, but it’s unclear from the UI what order they will be executed in on deployment, and sometimes it matters.
For example I have a task with “Configuration transforms” and “Substitute variables in files” enabled. In the UI the Config Transforms appears before the variable substitution, but on execution by the tentacle the variable substitution actually occurs first. I was able to work around it, but it adds complexity and confusion to setting up a project.

At the very least it would be nice if the elements were listed in the UI in the same order that they would execute (and documented as such) and being able to specify the order would be even better.

I’m using Octopus: 3.3.2 and Tentacle version 3.3.2

Hi Ben,

I believe that this may be what you are looking for…

Totally what @fxprogrm said.

Ben - If you have more questions after reading that doc, let us know