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We’re in the process of expanding our node farm (from 3 to 5). The new nodes are in a different networking environment and we keep bumping into firewall restrictions when the new nodes connect to some existing targets. For testing purposes we’d like to deploy a task specifically from the new nodes; however, I’m not seeing a way to do this. Any thoughts on how this can be accomplished?

Hi @ShannonN,

Thanks for reaching out, and I’d be happy to help with your question on isolating tasks to specific Octopus server nodes!

After discussing this internally with a few teammates it sounds like the best way to accomplish this would be to put your old/existing nodes into Maintenance Mode, which will drain the existing tasks on these nodes and prevent new tasks from being created (Configuration > Maintenance in the Octopus Server UI). You can also check the status of each node within Configuration > Nodes from the Octopus Server UI.

Once you have Maintenance Mode enabled on the old nodes then tasks will only be scheduled against your new nodes, allowing you to isolate work to these specific servers.

After you confirm everything looks good you should then be able to disable Maintenance Mode on the old nodes and they will start picking up tasks again.

I hope this helps, but let me know if you have questions or concerns.

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Not the answer I was hoping for but its a way forward. Thanks!

Hi @ShannonN,

You’re welcome, I’m happy I could help!

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One more question. Is there a way to see in the UI what node a task was run on?

Hi @ShannonN,

I’m just stepping in for Britton as he’s not yet online for the day. If you view your raw task log you will see a Server node: field towards the top which will display the node that the task was run on.

Hopefully, this helps and please let us know if you have any other questions during your testing.


Perfect. Thanks!


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