Execute remote command

I’m trying to execute a remote command line command for a 3rd party application.

So i need to launch cmd and run the command but i can’t get this to work…I’ve tried using a ps script to execute the command but not getting anywhere

Any ideas?


Thanks for reaching out. We’re gonna need a bit more context on how are you trying to do this. A code snippet or some screenshots of what you already tried but didn’t work would help.

When you say “remote”, you mean you are trying to call an executable that’s on a different machine, or that the command you are calling locally from the VM does something else on a remote machine?

Logs, screenshots, anything will help :slight_smile:


Hi Dalmiro,

I’ve sorted this now, i was over complicating it and now its all good.


Glad to hear you found an easier solution :slight_smile: