Exclusions for McAfee Endpoint Security and EDR

An issue was raised and I am reaching out to get some clarification.

We have an issue with performance on 2 servers. It looks like McAfee EDR is scanning/ hashing Octopus files and processes.
Do you have list of recommended exclusions to be added to security tools so we can make this resolved.

It looks like during deployment Mvision EDR is being triggered and it loads CPU in spikes. Usually it should take 5-15% of CPU during normal work. But now we are seeing 15-70% spikes.
I am looking for some exclusions that can be added here so we can reduce this impact.

Kind Regards,
Micheál Power

Hey @mikepower79,

Thanks for getting in touch, I’ll do my best to answer your query.

You can find a list for directories to add to an allow-list in our troubleshooting failed or hanging tasks documentation.
The list specifies the Tentacle Home location, however, if you’re looking to add the server directories to your allow-list, the paths should be the same (substituting Tentacle Home for Octopus Home).

If the above fails, you could try adding the root of the Octopus folder (C:\Octopus by default) and all it’s subdirectories to the allow-list, and see if that speeds up performance.

I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any further questions or if you’re still experiencing issues after adding the directories.

Kind Regards,

Hi @adam.hollow,
Thanks for the reply.
I will reach out again if I have any more questions.

Kind Regards,
Micheál Power

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