Example Octo.exe command to promote a release

Is someone able to provide an example of how to use the ‘promote-release’ command to … promote a release?

Hi Tim,

Thanks for getting in touch! Sorry about the delay in getting back to you.
A basic example is the following: octo promote-release --project HelloWorld --releaseNumber 1.0.0 --from Testing --deployto Production --server http://octopus/ --apiKey API-ABCDEF123456
The important flags are --from and --deployto it will take the corresponding release that was first released to “testing” and deploy it to “production”.

I will look at adding the documentation page for this at my earliest opportunity.

Hope that helps!

Hi Team,

I am getting below error while promoting release using octo command.

Unrecognized command arguments: -releaseNumber,

How can i mention the release number in promote-release command?


Hi Ayyanar,

Thanks for getting in touch. In the very small amount of the error message you have sent there is a comma after releaseNumber and release number has only one dash.
If these aren’t the problem, can you please send through the whole error including the command you are using.



I am getting the same errormessage after running:
octo.exe promote-release --project ZZZ --releaseNumber 1.0.541 --to Test --from Development --server http://deploy-server/ --apiKey API-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx–progress --force

octo.exe version and Octopus server version

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Hi Peter,

Sorry about the issues you are having.

With the promote-release command, you can’t specify the releaseNumber, it is only when you run the create-release command that you specify the releaseNumber, then when you promote the release, it will use the same release number as when you created the new release.

Hope that helps!
Henrik Andersson

You mean, we can able to only promote last release of DEV to STAGING. It’s difficult. We should have a option to promote any release.

Your thoughts?


Hi Ayyanar,

If you know the number of the release to promote, then you can use the deploy-release command: