Error When Deploying Project

I am getting the follow error when deploying one of our projects. I’ve included screenshots of the error below:

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I am sorry you are seeing this error when deploying a release, it does look like you may be running into this known bug -

Does this look like what you are experiencing?

If so there are a few workarounds in that GitHub issue to rectify this but you will need to delete that deployment unfortunately, my latest comment on that issue is the best way to fix this via the API and not the Database:

Alternatively, delete the deployment via the API:

Find all the deployments for the broken release
GET api/{SpaceID}/releases/{ReleaseID}/deployments

Delete any deployments which have a TaskId of null
DELETE api/{SpaceID}/deployments/{DeploymentID}

Let me know if that GitHub issue is not related to this though and we can take another look for you, the issue itself was fixed in 2022.3.2568 but you will still experience it if you upgrade, as you would need to delete that deployment.

Also of note in that issue if it is related:

To avoid releases ending up in this state:

  • Switch to a manual deployment phase lifecycle
  • Check project tenanted deployment mode settings - if you only need tenanted deployments, don’t select both untenanted and tenanted

Hopefully that helps but let us know if the issue is unrelated and we can take another look,
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