Error when attempting to save first lifecycle

I am adding the first lifecycle so that we do not collect all the deployments on the tentacles and upon saving, I get the following error.

Error converting value {null} to type ‘System.Int32’. Path ‘Phases[0].MinimumEnvironmentsBeforePromotion’, line 1, position 234.



Thanks for reaching out. Can you try creating a brand new lifecycle and see if this error happens again? If it does, could you please provide ultra detailed steps of how did you reproduce this in the new lifecycle?

Do know that you are using a 2-year old version for which we are no longer releasing patches. If this is a bug, we’ll be fixing it for the latest version of Octopus.

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Yes thank you. We are working on upgrading to the latest version but in the interim we need to clean up the excess packages on the tentacles. I have created a new lifecycle and it appears to have worked. Will this configuration cleanup releases on the tentacles ?


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Hi James,

That config should cleanup your Tentacles, yeah.

Link to our Retention Policies doc in case you wanna get more in depth on how it works: