"Error submitting deployment" ARM template

I’m attempting to deploy an ARM template to Azure using the “Deploy an Azure Resource Manager template”.
My Process contains two steps using this template, but only the one step is failing with the following in the log file:

02:43:33 Error | Calamari.exe : Error submitting deployment
02:43:33 Error | At C:\Octopus\Work\20191030024330-42097-6046\Bootstrap.ps1:38 char:1
02:43:33 Error | + & "C:\Octopus\OctopusServer\Tools\Calamari.Cloud\4.15.4\Calamari.exe …
02:43:33 Error | + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
02:43:33 Error | + CategoryInfo : NotSpecified: (Error submitting deployment:String) [], RemoteException
02:43:33 Error | + FullyQualifiedErrorId : NativeCommandError

This specific template has deployed before successfully, and additionally when I deploy the template using the Azure Portal, there are no issues with it.

Is there any way of determining what the cause of the error is?
From looking at this I’m guessing that armClient.Deployments.BeginCreateOrUpdate (line 114) is throwing an exception, but I cannot ascertain what the actual error is.

Hi @nukleagoat,

Thanks for reaching out! That error submitting deployment error message is the top layer/generic one for ARM deployment issues. It seems Calamari might be swallowing the actual error message.

In this case I think the easiest way to see what went wrong will be to go to the Azure portal and look for that deployment over there (going to another system to check for errors, I know :sob: )

Is there any chance you can send us the full deployment log? I’d like to see which version of Octopus you are using and bring this to the dev team to see if/how we can surface the error in our own logs. If you don’t want to attach it here, feel free to send it to support@octopus.com (add the URL of this ticket in the email body so we know its related to this thread).