Error in process view

If I open deploy to Kubernetes step and try to open containers list, I got error

An unexpected error occurred in Octopus v2022.1.552: “Error: Minified React error #31; visit[]=object%20with%20keys%20{FeedType%2C%20ApiVersion%2C%20RegistryPath%2C%20FeedUri%2C%20Username%2C%20Password%2C%20Name%2C%20PackageAcquisitionLocationOptions%2C%20SpaceId%2C%20Id%2C%20LastModifiedOn%2C%20LastModifiedBy%2C%20Links}&args[]= for the full message or use the non-minified dev environment for full errors and additional helpful warnings.”

Hi @korolev,

Welcome to the Octopus community! I’m sorry to see you’re hitting this error trying to get your Kubernetes deployment setup. I just have a few questions as I attempt to replicate this myself. Are you getting this error immediately after hitting the ‘ADD CONTAINER’ button or is it after interacting with the Container screen? Also, do you already have YAML defined in your deployment process before you see this error with the containers? I’ll continue looking into this on my end and I look forward to hearing back.


Hi again @korolev,

I was able to make some progress on this reproduction and we believe that you are running into this bug. I found that after saving some YAML changes I was able to get the UI error accessing the Containers screen.

The release which contains this fix is starting to roll out to some Cloud instances now. You should be seeing this fix in your instance within the next week or two assuming there are no show-stopping issues found. If you need this fix sooner we can upgrade your instance to the latest release, however, there may be undiscovered bugs because it is still a pre-release version of Octopus.

Let me know if this helps at all or if you have any other questions.


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